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Are hospital miscommunications injuring patients?

Is there a code of silence among hospital staff, even in the face of negligence? According to a recent article, some hospitals might discourage whistleblowers by firing nurses who attempt to report doctors’ mistreatment of patients.

Is Dram Shop Liability Making A Difference?

Considering the scope of damages that can attach to dram shop liability, it’s perhaps not surprising that the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board maintains a webpage on the subject and other responsible drinking issues. 

Could a typo result in medical negligence?

Electronic medical records, or EMRs, were designed to save doctors time. But is clicking through various fields on a computer screen really faster than making a handwritten note?  

Investigators may examine fault in recent truck accident

Safe driving imposes a duty of care on every individual who gets behind the wheel. In addition to observing traffic laws, a driver must also pay attention to traffic flow, road conditions and other potential traffic issues that may require a quick response.