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Medical malpractice case awards man $4.2 million for injury

Health practitioners in Pennsylvania do everything in their power to ensure that their patients are able to gain the proper medical help they deserve. However, unfortunate accidents sometimes occur in the process. When a patient is injured due to the negligence of a medical professional caring for him or her, he or she may sometimes seek to file a medical malpractice claim.

Medical malpractice suit results in $3 million award

Pennsylvania residents place an enormous amount of trust in their healthcare providers. Although the providers are highly-trained, mistakes are sometimes made that can unfortunately have a drastic effect on a patient’s life. When a healthcare worker’s negligence is proved to have been a factor in causing further injury, worsening of the condition, or even death, sometimes the patients or their loved ones seek to file medical malpractice suits.

Motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania can cause serious harm

As most Pennsylvania residents know, their state has many beautiful country roads and mile after mile of scenic countryside. Many choose to take these vistas in on a vehicle that provides the greatest sense of freedom: the motorcycle. Although motorcycles are one of the best vehicles on which to enjoy this kind of freedom, unfortunately, sometimes accidents occur. When motorcycle accidents happen, the effects can be catastrophic.

Woman sues for medical malpractice due to delivery complications

Most of the medical professionals in Pennsylvania are not only highly trained in their respective areas of medicine, but they also seek to make sure that their patients receive the highest levels of attention and care. However, due to the complicated aspects of medicine and health care, when mistakes do occur, they often have very serious consequences. As a result of a serious injury that was allegedly caused by his actions, a doctor and senator from another state is facing a medical malpractice suit.  

How is the standard of care defined in medical malpractice suits?

The relationship between a patient and doctor depends on trust. As a recent article reminds us, doctors might examine the same patient but arrive at different diagnostic opinions and/or recommend different treatment protocols. What happens when multiple opinions are offered? Perhaps a patient may make decisions based on the trust he or she feels with a certain doctor. No wonder, then, that some patients may feel a betrayal in trust if their treatments result in serious injuries, illnesses or other consequences because of alleged medical negligence or mistakes.

Are summer drivers paying enough attention in construction zones?

A recent truck accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike closed westbound traffic. Fortunately, the truck did not crash into any other motor vehicles, nor did it spill its cargo: nearly 1,800 gallons of diesel fuel. Yet that is not the most newsworthy aspect of this story.

Is an alternate Amtrak crash theory a cover for negligence?

In law week’s post, we discussed some of the legal issues arising from the recent Amtrak tragedy. Although civil liability may be the last thing on the minds of the surviving train victims, it is important for the legal process to fulfill its role. When the shock subsides, those who were injured may have to think about how to pay for their medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and/or other damages.

What questions should Amtrak passengers ask after this crash?

It’s easy to understand why the Amtrak route between Philadelphia and New York is so heavily traveled. Motor vehicle traffic is subject to congestion and highway tolls, and drivers can get easily fatigued trying to stay alert amidst the alternating stress and/or boredom that can accompany traffic and congestion. Train passengers, in contrast, don’t have to worry about the duty of care owed to other motorists. They can sit back, relax or do other activities while traveling in comfort.