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Recent car accidents: car collides with horse-and-buggy

Pennsylvania car accidents are all too common these days. Less common, however, are accidents involving a more antiquated form of transportation: the horse-and-buggy. Because buggies lack the safety features of modern vehicles, its passengers are at a much greater risk of injury when accidents occur. When drivers and passengers of a horse-and-buggy are victims of car accidents, the results can be devastating.

Recent Pennsylvania car accidents: 2-car collision injures 3

When Pennsylvania residents find themselves involved in car accidents, they sometimes find that the collision was nothing more serious than a minor fender bender. Unfortunately, this is not often the case and individuals sometimes suffer serious injuries as a result of being involved in car accidents. A recent car accident resulted in two individuals being sent to the hospital.

Woman alleges medical malpractice for faulty procedure

Many Pennsylvania residents make a visit to local medical centers every day in order to receive medical care for their health issues. Many times, the care they receive is professional and their issues are resolved. However, when this does not occur, serious injury can sometimes result due to a medical professional’s negligence and the victim in this case typically seeks to file a medical malpractice suit against the negligent party or parties.

Recent Pennsylvania car accidents: 2-vehicle wreck caused injury

As Pennsylvania residents know, when car accidents occur, the chance for serious injury is often, unfortunately, great. Even if the accidents are caused by a lapse in focus or driver error, the effects can be disastrous. However, when car accidents are caused by the willing recklessness of another individual, the accident often adds insult to injury.

Hot air balloon accident victims suffer personal injury

During the summer months, many Pennsylvania residents seek to take advantage of the nice weather and engage in fun recreational activities with friends and family. One of these activities, hot air ballooning, can be an excellent way to see new vistas. However, such an activity comes with its own set of inherent dangers. Unfortunately, a recent hot air balloon accident resulted in personal injury for three individuals.

Medical malpractice claimed after incorrect diagnosis

Mistakes sometimes occur in the day-to-day operations of most Pennsylvania businesses without severe repercussions. When such mistakes happen at a medical center, unfortunately, their effects can have harmful effects on an individual’s health. When the health care provider negligently performs his or her job responsibilities that lead to injury or a worsening of the patient’s condition, the victim sometimes decides to bring about a medical malpractice suit.

Victims of motorcycle accidents often have long road to recovery

Pennsylvania bikers often cite the sense of freedom that only a motorcycle can provide as being one of the main reasons they choose to ride. With this freedom comes a knowledge that they are exposing themselves to a great chance of danger, as most motorcycle accidents end with serious injury, if not death. An accident that involved a pastor resulted in the man suffering critical injuries. His wife, also a pastor, died.

Victims of high speed car accidents often suffer serious harm

Over the course of their lives, many drivers in Pennsylvania find themselves speeding at one point for one reason or another. Whether headed to work or the airport, there are a variety of reasons why individuals speed. Usually nothing serious results from this, but sometimes, operating vehicles at speeds higher than is legally allowed results in car accidents and serious injury can result.

Patient dies, medical malpractice claim filed against doctors

Many different types of medical procedures are performed by competent health care professionals every single day in Pennsylvania. Most of these procedures are highly successful and often result in the patient eventually returning to their prior levels of health. However, in the unfortunate cases that arise due to an act of medical negligence, patients often suffer catastrophic injuries and, in some cases, death. Sometimes the surviving individual or his or her family member chooses to file a medical malpractice suit against the responsible parties.